Origins of Breathe & Eat©

Rochelle Rice conceived the Breathe & Eat program on a subway platform many years ago and with it, created a peaceful relationship with food.

Surrounded by the swirling air, bustling people, and whistling train coming into the station, she had crammed almonds into her mouth and realized quite suddenly-- this isn't working. She developed her signature Breathe & Eat program to share her experience of what DOES work.

This program is the product of many years of teaching and personal practice. It has worked for Rochelle and her private clients, and its impact made her realize it's time to deliver it to more who are undergoing the same struggles she has gone through.

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Watch Rochelle's introduction to mindful eating and learn what it could be like to stop fighting yourself when it comes to food.

It is time to try something new.

With Rochelle as your guide, you will be able to make choices with LESS DRAMA, LESS ANXIETY and LESS WORRY with your meals.

When you start to come in to your body and out of your head, you begin to realize that the "right" program for you is something you already know. Rochelle tells you EXACTLY how to tap into the innate wisdom your body has known all along. Once you begin to navigate your eating with this map, the confusion and discourse surrounding your meals will peel away and the real, vibrant you can shine through!

Let go of the chaos TODAY! Don't waste another second reading a book that tells you what to eat. If you've already bought those books, already tried those recipes and those suggestions, and you are STILL struggling to love your body--STOP RIGHT THERE.

It is time to try something new. It is time to BREATHE & EAT ©, experiencing your body and all its innate wisdom.

Six Lesson Videos Guide You How To:

  • Recognize different sensations in your body
  • Use those sensations to inform your eating
  • Live with strength in your choices
  • Discard preconceived notions about what you "should" be eating
  • Sustain healthy eating habits
  • Live more fully!

A Message From Rochelle Rice

If you've ever beat yourself up over unhealthy choices, if you've ever struggled to commit to a diet regimen or lose weight, if you've ever felt hopeless or overwhelmed by the breadth of information out there--- THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU.

Listen, I'm not here to tell you what to eat. I'm here to tell you HOW to eat so that you can stop looking for advice outside of yourself and begin to listen to what your body is already telling you.

I will show you exactly how to create the correct environment for you you to eat mindfully, and to create a more peaceful relationship with your food.

— Rochelle Rice

What To Expect From Your Breathe & Eat Purchase

  • Breathe & Eat © is not a diet program. It is about creating the space to be with your food and the skills to help you track the physical sensations as you eat.
  • In this program you will learn how to organize yourself and prepare your physical space, place breath and pacing into your meal, track your physical sensations and determine if the food is an appropriate match for your body.
  • You'll receive a 35-page lesson guidebook. Each lesson builds on the previous one. The program should be followed sequentially for maximum results.
  • Six video lessons designed to be initially viewed before you begin (and if you'd like, during) your first few meals... whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • Coming soon as an additional paid add-on: One-on-one streaming video or phone consultation time with Rochelle to help personalize your journey.

BREATHE & EAT today!

Join Rochelle and liberate yourself from the exhaustive dieting!
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