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Breathing is one of the key components to weight management and yet because it’s not sexy and seductive like the “Lose 10lbs in 3 days diet,” it seems it’s rarely discussed. I am very aware of the fact that many health professionals rarely ask about an individual’s breathing habits when it comes to weight management or stress. But here’s where the evidence shows up in our daily lives. I’d become an expert at inhaling my food – taking it in without even realizing what had happened, how much had gone in for that matter, and oh...I’ve cleaned my plate? By learning how to breathe properly, it becomes easier to slow down with the food.

What we really need to do is EXHALE. It is much easier to find the exhale. So go ahead, exhale right now. At the bottom of your exhale, you’ll be able to find your inhale, and your breathing should begin to regulate.