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Feel grounded in your health

Purchase Rochelle Rice's Breathe & Eat program now to step off the roller coaster and feel grounded in your health. With Rochelle as your guide, you will be able to make choices with LESS DRAMA, LESS ANXIETY and LESS WORRY with your meals.

When you start to come in to your body and out of your head, you begin to realize that the "right" program for you is something you already know. Rochelle tells you EXACTLY how to tap into the innate wisdom your body has known all along. Once you begin to navigate your eating with this map, the confusion and discourse surrounding your meals will peel away and the real, vibrant you can shine through!

Let go of the chaos TODAY!

Don't waste another second reading a book that tells you what to eat. If you've already bought those books, already tried those recipes and those suggestions, and you are STILL struggling to love your body--STOP RIGHT THERE.

It is time to try something new. It is time to BREATHE & EAT!

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It's Time to Step Off the Diet Rollercoaster and Breathe into Health!

Rochelle is incredibly passionate about teaching women how to connect with their bodies through safe, achievable movement!<br /><!--mep-nl-->Sign up here to receive these <b>COMPLIMENTARY</b> health guides from her to help you get started on a path of wellness today!<!--mep-nl--> <!--mep-nl--><ul><!--mep-nl--><!--mep-tab--><li>Feel More Vibrant in 24 Hours!</li><!--mep-nl--><!--mep-nl--><!--mep-tab--><li>Energize Your Entire System in 3 Minutes!</li><!--mep-nl--><!--mep-nl--><!--mep-tab--><li>Boost Your Metabolism with Breathing Exercises!</li><!--mep-nl--></ul><!--mep-nl--><!--mep-nl-->