I've struggled with my weight my entire life, and I've tried it all! I attended Rochelle's workshop and purchased her Breathe & Eat © program and I see results. I use her Breathe & Eat sensation tracking sheet when I eat to prevent me from over-eating. In addition, she understands plus size women and knows how to motivate us. I appreciate you so much Rochelle! Never change, I will be a lifelong client!

Marquesa Pettway, CSP
New York, NY


As someone who has struggled with obesity my entire life, I have had an often tumultuous relationship with my body and with food. As a long time participant in Rochelle's Breathe & Eat© program, I have finally come to a more steady state of peace and acceptance when it comes to food. The focus on breath and awareness and how the food feels for your body at that moment are exceptionally helpful strategies that I strive to use regularly. This program is unique and powerful and promotes a healing relationship within yourself. Out of the countless "diets" and programs I have tried over the years, it's truly the only one that I've ever been able to feel successful at, to maintain long term and the only one that has felt right for me.

Melissa Mace
Clifton Park, NY
Licensed Zumba® Instructor
Soaringwords+ Zumba® Relationship Manager

Having experienced that "Post-Thanksgiving dinner" feeling repeatedly over the years (though most often, not on the actual holiday), my curiosity was peaked when Rochelle Rice published Breathe & Eat ©. While I was initially resistant to what I perceived as an intrusive interruption of mealtime, using the Breathe & Eat program has helped clarify for me degree of hunger vs degree of satiety. The program encourages me to create a soothing, comfortable environment in which to eat, as well as providing that needed opportunity to slow down, be present, and actually "check-in" with myself, at regular intervals, throughout a meal. It's allowed my body to recognize that "full" doesn't have to mean uncomfortable. This is a truly simple, doable program that will definitely surprise with new insights about yourself, and how much better you'll feel after a meal Breathing and Eating!

Susan Littlefield
New York, NY
Client since 2001
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