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About Breathe & Eat ©

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? This program by Rochelle Rice is focused on empowering
YOU to gain the skills needed to free yourself from the diet mentality and begin to trust yourself again.
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Benefits of the Program

Breathe and Eat© is NOT a diet program. Believe it or not, your body is hardwired for health. This program will provide the structure and foundation necessary to let go of the chaos and drama created by the mind.
You will begin to listen authentically to the sensations from your body so you can move forward in your journey with more grace and ease.
With Rochelle Rice as your guide, you will be able to make choices with LESS DRAMA, LESS ANXIETY, LESS WORRY about cravings.
It is time to BREATHE & EAT, experiencing your body and all its innate wisdom.

Six Lesson Videos Guide You How To:

  • Recognize different sensations in your body
  • Use those sensations to inform your eating
  • Live with strength in your choices
  • Discard preconceived notions about what you "should" be eating
  • Sustain healthy eating habits
  • Live more fully!

For the first time, Breathe & Eat © is being offered outside the classroom.

Rochelle Rice has been working with clients individually and in small groups for years.
This program is the product of that teaching and personal practice.

See what some of her clients say:


A Six Week Program to Retire Diets and Embody Health

Purchase Rochelle Rice's Breathe & Eat© program now to step off the roller coaster and feel grounded in your health.
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