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Lesson 5: Match

Match is a powerful tool for Breathe & Eat ©. A Match means the food is the right selection for your physical body at that time. These are the moments when you know and can feel the food is truly nourishing and satisfying on a cellular level. You know it and your body knows it.

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Lesson 4: Tracking Sensations

Many food programs will talk about feeling hungry and full. With erratic eating over many years, your body may be numb to sensations – until you go to the extremes. I created this skill because I believe your body is hardwired for health.

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Lesson 3: A Set During Mealtime

Sets create the space and breath to be able to feel the sensations in your body during meals. Too often we are going so fast through a meal that we never stop, or raise our consciousness, or be mindful of what is happening when we eat.

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